About the course

The MCIX demonstration course covers the usage and rules of the MCIX platform, including features such as search and upload functionalities. However, it is crucial to delve deeper into the MCIX search feature and explore the templates available for the upload feature. Developed by ThitsaWorks Solution Myanmar Co., Ltd and the Myanmar Microfinance Association (MMFA), the MCIX platform aims to facilitate credit risk management in the microfinance industry and provide insights into borrowers' behaviors. Serving as a sharing platform for MFIs, it ensures highly restricted access and strict protection of borrowers' data privacy.

Objectives of the Course

  1. Understand the MCIX Platform: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the MCIX platform, its features, and its role in credit risk management within the microfinance industry. 
  2. Explore MCIX Search Functionality: Learn how to effectively utilize the search feature of MCIX to access and analyze borrower credit detail information, enabling informed decision-making and risk assessment. 
  3. Master Upload Feature and Templates: Familiarize yourself with the upload feature of MCIX, including the templates provided for data submission. Learn how to accurately input borrower data to ensure consistency and data integrity.
  4. Understand Data Privacy and Security: Develop a strong understanding of data privacy regulations and the measures implemented within MCIX to protect borrowers' data privacy. Comprehend the ethical considerations and responsibilities associated with handling sensitive information.
  5. Interpret Data Insights: Learn how to interpret and extract meaningful insights from the data available on MCIX, enabling effective decision-making and risk mitigation strategies for microfinance institutions.
  6. Collaborate and Share Best Practices: Engage in collaborative discussions and share best practices with peers to enhance knowledge and understanding of credit risk management in the microfinance industry.
  7. Stay Updated with MCIX Developments: Stay informed about the latest updates, advancements, and new features introduced to the MCIX platform, ensuring the ability to adapt to changes in credit risk management practices.
  8. Ready to use the Applications: Gain the necessary skills and knowledge to apply MCIX file uploading, contributing to improved credit risk management practices and borrower outcomes in the microfinance industry.

Course Content

  • Search Feature 
  • Notification Feature
  • Dashboard Feature
  • Report, User, Company Profile, and Account Features
  • Upload Feature, Data Validator App, and Mobile App

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Learner's Introduction

    3. Welcome to MCIX

    4. Intro quiz

    1. Search Feature

    2. Search Feature quiz

    3. Notification Feature

    4. Notification Feature quiz

    5. Dashboard Feature

    6. Dashboard Feature quiz

    7. Report, User, Company Profile, and Account Features

    8. Report, User, Company Profile, and Account Features quiz

    9. Upload Feature, Data Validator App, and Mobile App

    10. Upload Feature, Data Validator App, and Mobile App quiz

    1. The end of the course

    2. Survey questions

About this course

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